Whether you're here to learn how to accentuate your body or to entertain yourself by watching me dance in a wig and a dress, there's something for everyone here. Everything I do is with the foundation of self-love and creative expression, and I hope you can feel that throughout my content whether you’re watching an in-depth video on YouTube or from my courses.

Content for ANYONE that wants to build their confidence and capture their beauty.

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I consider myself an advocate for "self", a helpful push, a get things done in the name growth kind of person. If you're anything like me, you’re passionate about finding new ways to empower yourself.

The 12-year-old Dave that was inspired by the Jabbawockies to start learning how to do the wave never would have thought he’d be brave enough to teach people all around the world how to pose. However, the one thing 12-year-old Dave and I still have in common is that constant drive to grow and build up those around us. Yes, I can teach you how to pose, but more importantly, I want to help you unlock a whole different you.

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Unlock the secrets to effortless and captivating poses with 'The 5-Minute Posing Guide' by David Suh. Discover the 7 essential posing points, unlock creative inspiration using your surroundings, leverage wardrobe tips for confident posing, and access video references for hands-on practice – all in one free download!

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