Are you beautiful? (hint: yes you are)

Filed in Mindset — November 17, 2021

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Are you beautiful? Let’s answer that with a simple YES or NO.

Now a follow-up question to your answer is: Why? Why are you beautiful or why do you find yourself not beautiful?

However, you answered these two questions, ask yourself if those answers are shaped according to your own terms or by other people’s terms.

Regardless of the doubts, you may have or what other people may say, the answer is that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Not because someone gave you a compliment or a like on Instagram, but you’re beautiful because you’re one of a kind!

We have to remind ourselves that beauty is subjective, but what does that exactly mean? Well, what someone might find beautiful, another person might not think so. Defining beauty in this way, we see how today’s society has us looking for validation from everyone but ourselves. It’s true that we as humans like to absorb the ideas and values of the community we are in, but we can get lost in that, and it can cause us more harm than good.

While receiving validation from other people can be affirming, YOU are the one person in the world that can ALWAYS see yourself as beautiful! And that’s a fact we often overlook. 

Keep this mantra in mind: “I cannot change the way others see me, but I can choose to change the way I see myself.” Reminding ourselves of this can allow us to overcome other people dictating our worth and giving in to their perception of beauty. 

Having ourselves believe that we are beautiful, according to our own worth and standards, isn’t an easy journey. But it all starts with telling ourselves that we are beautiful. Today, here and now. 

Saying something is different from believing and knowing, but even the thought of questioning where your thoughts of beauty come from counts for a lot. Remember that YOU are the one person at this moment that can change it all, no one else. 

“You are beautiful” doesn’t mean anything until you say it to yourself.

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