Carefully curated courses you can trust to help you own your identity and express yourself through body language both off and on camera.

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We can be all photogenic together ❤️

Leeshawn N.

"Enjoy every minute of it! The community, the missions. You will get so much out of it if you fully give yourself to it."


"Before starting with professor Suh, the pictures that I took where ok, but I never knew how to pose. I always felt awkward, I even had a professional shoot once that went so badly I didn’t want to try it again. Now I’m much more confident with myself and no longer looking for direction, I am the director. You will learn so much and will be able to apply that knowledge to your photos right away. If you are on the fence, jump off and take this course! You won’t regret it, promise."

Amanda L.

"No price can be put on how valuable this course has been for me. Taking photos is a skill to learn, and David did more than simply teach me how to use a phone camera. He taught me how to reflect inwards and truly understand what makes me feel good, how to put emotion into my photos, and how to love myself as I am through the medium of self photography. You will laugh, you will be frustrated, you will take hundreds of photos, and you will conclude 5 weeks of learning with a new sense of self, a new perspective on photography, and a renewed creative spirit. You will not regret taking this course!"

Jaenelle H.

"This course was great. I learned a lot about posing and lighting and whatnot, but also was exposed to an outlook about photography that literally changed the way I looked at having my picture taken. This change in outlook coupled with the actual curriculum and missions changed everything about how I do photography for myself, and makes me excited to keep going with it."