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Taking a pretty photo of you is just a small milestone in your journey of rebuilding your relationship with photos and self-image.

Learn to define beauty for yourself & unlock a new level of self-confidence.

"Hey :) it's David here! Yes - yes, this is a course on taking better photos of yourself, but this course goes way beyond that. I never thought my journey of taking self-portraits would ever start me on this beautiful journey of self-love, growth, and confidence, but I have never appreciated my beauty and myself like the way I do today.

Learning how to take self-portraits that I love means changing the way I think about photos - that it's not for Instagram, but for me. And through this I've been able to build up my self-esteem, help my friends see their beauty, and connect with my clients and anyone on the same path of not letting others dictate their beauty and worth. I want to share everything in the most entertaining way possible so LET'S DO THIS!"

- David, your instructor

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    Why this course
    is different.

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    I wanted to make this course as entertaining as possible which means incorporating as much of MY energy - the energy you grew to love on TikTok and Instagram!

    I hired a talented group of individuals to showcase the crazy world in my head onto screen and we took extra time to make learning as fun as possible.

    If you enjoy my teaching style online, which I would describe as loving, passionate, caring, lots of visual demonstrations, analogies, on-screen critiques, and sprinkled with some truth talks... then you'll love this course :)

    The SUH Factor

    This is a hybrid online course with elements of asynchronous and synchronous learning and you'll have access to the videos forever.

    I wanted to make this a 5-week course so I can help facilitate learning, but you can totally take as much time you need and enjoy the flexibility to start & stop whenever you need to. I incorporated as many accountability resources I can to keep you excited to learn and implement. BONUS: You get access to this course forever which means access to any future updates!

    Hybrid Learning
    & Forever Access

    Something I appreciate and cherish so much is having my group of friends that share similar values as me. Friends that know the value of a beautiful photo that goes way beyond just an Instagram post. Imagine having digital friends that can hype you up, provide feedback, and learn together.


    I personally believe that deep learning comes from context. To me context means, how much you're wanting to learn, who you're learning from, and how the information applies directly to you.

    I want to provide as much of my self as possible to you so you can ask as many questions as possible. Yes, I will teach you the basics of photo taking, but I want to encourage you to look for what you want and push you to find your style and the best way for me to do that is through these office hours.

    Weekly Live Office Hours
    with David

    Throughout the course, you'll meet 3 lovely, beautiful students on screen that are taking the course with you. This was important for me to have in the course, because I wanted to provide a friendly face of students that are in the same shoe as you - students with the simple goal of wanting to learn how to take beautiful photos of themselves.

    The topic of "learning how to take better pictures of myself" can be an interesting one. I certainly felt judged (whether it was true or projected) when I was learning for myself so this is my effort to help create a safe and loving environment for you to learn.

    Plus, they ask incredible questions and seeing their growth on-screen was inspirational for me and I know it will for you as well :)

    Grow with Live Students

    This class is a lot of fun and changes the way you think about photographing yourself. I used to think photography techniques are just illusions to make myself look better. David makes you realize that you are beautiful to begin with, and he shows you how photography techniques bring out that inner beauty. Plus his lessons are there to cheer you on every step of the way.

    Ron C.

    "David has created a magical course in a safe, creative space to help you capture images of your natural beauty. If you are ready to grow and see how good you look then sign up now."

    George M.

    "David's course completely transformed the way that I viewed images of myself. I feel so empowered that I can create a beautiful work of art featuring myself as the subject AND be confident about sharing it with the world. The community is also fabulous! I felt so supported and like I had made so many new wonderful friends. This is probably one of the best investments that I have made in the last few years, possibly my life."

    Judy B.

    “How To Be Photogenic with David Suh” surpassed my expectations of what an online photography course could be like. I had expected this course to be passive learning, but found that David and his team really took the time to not only interact with you and provide feedback, but also helped foster a community as well. That said, this isn’t just a photography or modeling course, but an opportunity to really look inward and change your perspective on what it means to be photogenic. 

    Eileen B.

    "I signed up for this course because I enjoy David's art and how he genuinely explains what he does on his social media. My intention was to learn how to look better in photos. I succeeded in that, but I also ended up learning a lot about myself! I stepped out of my comfort zone every week and experienced personal growth from participating in the "missions". The self-confidence that I gained from taking this course is priceless!"

    Amanda C.


    Here is what you'll get when you join us today!

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    Connect with other like-minded students just like you. Ask questions, get feedback, and start expanding your circle of influence.

    The Community

    Inclusion No.1

    Starting May 2nd, you'll gain access to each week's lessons that average around 25-minutes. All open office hours and Q&A's will be recorded to viewed in the lesson library along with any future add-ons to the course!

    The Lesson Library

    Inclusion No.2

    You'll be receiving my:
    - How to be Photogenic Handbook
    - How to Pose 101 Checklist

    Trust me, these are way more fun than textbooks :)

    Digital Goodies

    Inclusion No.3

    This is where we get to have open discussions and I can answer any questions you have!

    Weekly Open Office Hours

    Inclusion No.4